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Penguin Army is a friendly and energetic company that takes pride in its work. It blends creativity with results; professionalism with a caring attitude; quality with low cost.

Penguin Army has experience working on blue-chip company accounts to those with little more than a shoe-string budget.

Our services range from helping international organisations develop IT plans to take them into the future, across borders, and into new markets all the way through to helping individuals with their social media posts.

Lately, we have been pleased to help several companies and clubs become fully GDPR compliant. If this is something that is concerning you contact us now for easy, simple advice and help!

If you would like to see what Penguin Army can do for your company then either p-p-pick up the phone or email your requirements and queries to Sarah or Dylan.

With over twenty years experience across of all areas of IT, including Corporate IT, international Commercial IT and eCommerce, Educational IT, and working with both local and national government departments, Penguin Army is the perfect place for all of your IT questions.

Penguin Army is an editorial and design agency, specialising in creating engaging and successful copy and content, tailored to both print and web.

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