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Penguin Army is a friendly and energetic company that takes pride in its work. It blends creativity with results; professionalism with a caring attitude; quality with low cost.

Penguin Army has experience working on blue-chip company accounts to those with little more than a shoestring budget.

Our services range from helping international organisations develop IT plans to take them into the future, across borders, and into new markets all the way through to helping individuals with their social media posts.

Lately, we have been pleased to help several companies and clubs become fully GDPR compliant. If this is something that is concerning you contact us now for easy, simple advice and help!

If you would like to see what Penguin Army can do for your company then contact us now

With over twenty years experience across of all areas of IT, including Corporate IT, international Commercial IT and eCommerce, Educational IT, and working with both local and national government departments, Penguin Army is the perfect place for all of your IT questions.

Penguin Army is an editorial and design agency, specialising in creating engaging and successful copy and content, tailored to both print and web.

Winning Awards and Making People Happy!

We pride ourself on working with the very best, and two recent awards from Dorset Food, Drink and Farming Awards 2020 go a long way to proving that, with Penguin army providing the vital online systems(website and webshop)that facilitate these award winning services. In doing so, we are doing our bit to help local business keep doing what they do - making people happy! Absolutely one of the most important things in these unusual times.

Dark Bear have won the coveted Best Local Food/Drink Delivery Service. Using a simple webshop developed to allow the guys at Dark Bear to concentrate on what they do best - Amazing cocktails with impeccable service. Those who know, know that Lloyd and David are absolutely at the top of their game, nationally sought after mixologists, and also two of the nicest guys you are ever likely to meet. The perfect combination!

Dark Bear have translated that panache, skill and customer service to their online local delivery experience. The Penguin army is delighted to have been able to help.

Order your internationally renowned, multiple award winning and local crafted cocktails for Home Delivery now!

Also WINNING are the wonderful team at the Half Moon Melplash, who were awarded the Best Dining Experience To Go added by a new, and complex, website that showcases all of their amazing services as both a delivery and eat-in establishment with just one of the best Country Kitchens in the land! A find traditional pub anyway, Jamie and Clare have managed to continue to provide traditional and comforting fayre throughout the entire year. Amazing stuff.

Order amazing traditional pub food from the Country Kitchen:

If you want to join the award winners, or just feel your local business could do with an intelligent and sympathetic online presence - that works for you and your customers - then contact Dylan at the Penguin Army today for friendly, honest advice.

Business Continuity and Coronavirus

We are now working to help people and businesses retain Business Continuity in light of government advice, and our own socially aware precautions, regarding COVID-19. This means telephony, email, file sharing, collaborative working and more - anything to help move office workers to home workers but remain efficient and productive. All as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

If anyone is interested or feels their company might benefit from this then please contact us - we are very happy to offer advice and consultation for free and will always advise the best option with respect to ease, usability, current set-up and, of course, financial viability too.

Depending on systems already in place there are a number of options, all of which can be explored. However, we have some particular areas of experience and expertise that would allow for quick and efficient deployment of business continuity solutions.

For email, chat, files and work share, Google Suite is deployable in a matter of hours, has a short learning curve and is affordable for short, medium and or even long term deployment. As a google educator, trainer and developer, Dylan can offer full deployment, training and on-going support on all Google Suite systems. This system can work alongside and current office system. We can also help set up Microsft Office (eg Office365) for home workers too.

For telephony/voice communications (and also to replace face-to-face meetings), Penguin Army have partnered with IP Office Ltd based in Exeter. We are currently working with a lot of clients by activating business continuity solutions in light of the serious impact caused by Coronavirus.

Without the need to change your current telephone systems, we are offering a Cloud-based system to enable homeworking via a mobile application or PC application (or both) should the worst happen within your organisation.

By diverting your main telephone number to our cloud solution, we are attempting to set up these short term contracts (30 days rolling) within very quick timescales to enable you to continue to operate effectively.

To give you an idea of pricing, 1-6 users would be charged at just £299.00 + vat to set up and install and £20.00 + vat per user per month to include either a mobile application or PC application. If you want both, please add £3.00 per user. 7- 10 users is £598.00 + vat to set up and install and again £20.00 per user per month to include one of the applications.

Further pricing available.

As you can imagine, the demand for this is rife and our engineering team are already getting busy, so if this is something we can help you within the short term, please let us know.